Why choose to buy properties for sale in Dubai?

14 Jan

Availability of surplus choices has made real estate market more inevitable for conventional buyers and investors alike. Dubai property market possesses huge supply of diverse asset types including a wide select of residential and commercial units, which are available sale. Major types of assets available for sale include apartment, villa, resort, hotel, warehouse, and office and retail space. Besides offering plenty of options, State Government also implemented a legislation in year 2002 which is called Freehold Property law to facilitate foreign buyers as well. Hence, foreigners are allowed to buy properties in designated areas across the city; overseas buyers started searching for suitable Dubai properties for sale.

You are not short of options

Huge supply of fresh units and high profile developments is not only the single reason that helped to achieve the status of investment hot spot in the region of Middle East. Rather certain other factors are also involved…..Read more here.

Checklist for buying Dubai villas for Sale

13 Jan

Being spotted among finest places to settle down on earth, Dubai is known to offer plethora of choices to cater lifestyle needs of its residents. From housing, career and education to entertainment and dining facilities, there is no shortage of opportunities. Luxury life style offerings have enabled this city to drag people attention across the world which resulted in unusual population mix of 80% expats and 20% local Emirati residents.

The true melting pot of diverse cultures is capable to proffer diverse comfortable accommodation options which are available for rent and sale. Irrespective of being foreign national, local UAE national or GCC residents, you can choose to buy residential property in Dubai. Despite there is a huge select of lodging units are available for sale, villas in Dubai becomes most preferred choice among buyers who need more space, privacy and comfort to accommodate their families. Below I am sharing a simple checklist which may help those who are looking to buy a villa unit for family accommodation…..Read more here.

Apartments for sale in Dubai-a simple investment

7 Jan

Soon after the discovery of oil reservoirs in mid of 1960s, United Arab Emirates started exporting petroleum products to earn GDP. Initially this territory emerged as largest oil based economy. Later with strategic planning and enthusiastic efforts of investors enable UAE to become business and investment hub in the region of Middle East. Especially, Dubai the second largest emirate among all seven showed exceptional progress in all sectors including business, trade, real estate and finance. The city also invested huge money to build up city infrastructure and real estate to facilitate residents.

Luxury lifestyle facilities, tax free business and investment opportunities, negligible crime rate and progressing economy enable this city to gain the world wide status of most desirable place to live or invest. Local and foreign entrepreneurs started considering investing in business and finance sectors in the city. Moreover, after the implementation of freehold property law, foreign buyers started thinking about investing in asset market. Surprisingly, they find real estate very simple to invest and earn profits. There are number of ways you can opt to invest in asset market. Real estate is very huge sector which is capable to offer several profitable opportunities for investors.  Among them all apartments for sale in Dubai turned out to be the simplest way to earn profits.

Wide select of units which are available for sale, include serviced/furnished studios, classic and hotel apartments. You can choose to buy the most suitable type to secure profits. Perhaps, you want to earn profits in long run. In this case you should go for renting…..Read more here.

What to consider before start hunting Dubai Apartments?

6 Jan

Professionals from all categories are now considering relocating Dubai to enjoy luxury and tax free lifestyle. Whether being investor, businessman or an expat worker you will essentially need some place to live. Firstly, it’s not possible to buy accommodation space even though you can afford. Booking a hotel room or serviced studio can provide instant solution for such individuals. You can straightaway move with your luggage as soon as you book them. It’s fine to choose such units for your stay to find immediate accommodation. However, later you need to search for proper residence for longer stay in the city. Dubai apartments are very famous among expats, as they are purposefully constructed to cater the musts for wide select of people with diverse needs. They proffer complete lifestyle accommodations for singles, couples and standard families. After considering your needs you can search to choose the best among the heaps.

Irrespective to the type of apartment you are looking for, it is suggested to sow some patience. Don’t just think to buy a residential property at first attempt. It’s better to consider renting first. In order to find the most apt unit for rent, you need to consider few important things even before you start hunting for apartments.
Below I have discussed few preconditions you should consider before initiate you rental property search in Dubai…… View complete article


Success tips for overseas real estate investors in Dubai

15 May

success imageReal estate sector has always been an important investment sector in Dubai. Having considered the profits and overall system transparency attracted investors across the world. Furthermore, the ease and potential of earning profits in shortest duration of time make Dubai property investments a lucrative option for overseas investors. After observing the interest of foreign investors, State Government also implemented freehold property law to enable foreign investors to purchase real estate assets with complete ownership rights. Despite profits of investing in overseas real estate markets, it could be difficult task for those who don’t have prior exposure of investing in real estate sector.

Foreign investors who are willing to invest in Dubai real estate sector can benefit them with following simple tips.

Identify your needs

Identifying the available budget before taking final decision of buying asset in overseas market is mandatory to avoid failure and credit lose in future. Whether being conventional buyer or professional investors, you need to estimate the total amount you can spend on air travel and accommodation. In case you are planning to visit the country or city. Besides this, you should also calculate the amount you can spend for agent fee. Obtaining mortgage is also important for everyone purchasing assets. Buyers must know the maximum amount of money they can lend.


Take some time to research the market. Compare market value of asset with location and growth capability of area. It is nice to spend some time to research in finding the best professional organizations to deal with during purchasing investment property. This will allow you to buy best property apartment/villa at best price with future possibilities to earn profits.

Keep an eye on stock to know the market

Sign up to email alerts and feeds that match the type of property you want. This way you will get updates about available property deals in the market.

Go with reputable companies

Consider working with reputable real estate agencies with long working history in Dubai. Only the reliable firms can help you in finding the most suitable property to purchase. Avoid working with cowboy real estate agencies offering huge discounts on services and shortest processing time of paper work and agreements.

Avoid scams

Make sure you are dealing with legal property owner or an official broker/real estate agent authorised to sell the property. It is necessary to enquire about government registration of project developer. Check the Escrow account numbers and agreements with main project contractor to avoid scams.

Inspect the property

Inspect the property with real estate broker you are working with. Brokers are professionals and they can give you better advice about the investment property you are going to buy. It is advised to visit property before making any down payments.


Last but not the least, international investors must read contract before signing it. If you have some confusion about any point consults with lawyer.

Dubai Business and Luxury Lifestyle- fascinating expats than ever before

30 Apr

Year round sunshine, strong economical and political conditions have made Middle East a perfect place to relocate among Western expats. Especially, United Arab Emirates is on the top in the list of second home seekers belong to European countries. The wise leadership, high standard of living, world class retail and shopping facilities, smooth logistics and state of the art infrastructure facilities are captivating everyone across the world, who wants to improve his standard of living. Among all seven UAE Emirates, Dubai is recognized as the business and lifestyle hub of UAE and Middle East.

What are the things transformed Dubai in to hub city?


Transformed from a local trading community, Dubai has become the third largest export hub with fourth largest airport in the world. Further the luxury lifestyle and retail choices are not only tempting for people as well as for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the pro-business government policies, connectivity, strong logistic infrastructure, sound reputation of information and communication technology and leisure and entertainment are the other factors dragging everyone towards this city.

What Dubai has to offer for expats?

Being the most popular Middle Eastern city, Dubai has everything from abundance of job and investment opportunities, tax free style to luxury accommodation options for everyone living and working here. However, the emirate has already been the lifestyle and business hot spot in the region. But after winning to be the host for an international event of EXPO 2020, business scene has become more alluring among opportunity seekers. Foreign entrepreneurs who are willing to expand their business and investment profile started showing more interest to establish their business in Dubai.


Factors making Dubai fascinating

4th para

Monetary Gains are the major offerings by Dubai, which are dragging more and more expats towards this city. Skilled professionals and industrialists are always showing great interest to flourish their career and businesses. Tax free earnings significantly increase the chances of earning handsome money even more than their native country. Besides this, bright career and promotion chances are always open for deserving candidates. What expats can enjoy working, investing and living in the city are higher salaries, lucrative pension schemes, considerable low interest rates on business credit cards and current accounts. Further it’s up to you how much you can save from your earnings.


Cosmopolitan Environment is another plus supporting expats living in Dubai. The emirate possess a unique mix of population with 80 % expats and 20% native Emiratis. If you know the Arabic it is well and good but English is spoken everywhere all over the emirate. There are no discriminations observed on the basis of race, religion and language. Skilled and qualified individuals are always welcome in every field.




Luxury Lifestyle facilities in residential and business sectors is enchanting everyone across the world even royals andinternational celebrities are feeling great buying residential properties in Dubai, whereas they also endorse commercial and leisure projects with their names. Moreover, wealthy individuals from Western countries showed strong interest in buying holiday homes in the city.



7th para

Being the Host for Expo 2020 played a major role in enhancing the city image as the land of opportunities. Soon after winning the bid to host this international event, drastic boost is observed in tourism and hospitality sector. A huge number of jobs are expected to be created in travel, real estate, infrastructure and construction industries. According to estimates 277,000 jobs are created to cater the needs of visitors likely to visit Dubai during the event. This means job market is open and very favourable for skilled expats across the globe.



Despite fascinating expat workers, investors and businessmen, one has to carefully think about the cost of living in Dubai, which is tending to be high. But with proper financial planning it’s possible to combat and avoid financial crisis while living in the glitzy UAE city.

Dubai striding hard to become an International hub for Medical Tourism

14 Apr

With aim to establish Dubai image as an international hub destination for medical tourism, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has planned to open 22 hospitals across the city to boost up national economy to Dh 2.6 billion by 2020. Fast expansion of healthcare sector enabled this city to achieve its targets. Strategic efforts are being made to expand medical tourism sector. Their primary aim is to achieve this status before EXPO 2020.medical-tourism-dubai

Governmental initiatives to support this aim

  • According to Government officials and authorities, this target can only be achieved after carrying out deep market research and communication with major stakeholders to finalize the prices for health care packages. Crucial stake holders involved in the process are healthcare sector, hospitality and tourism. Moreover, authorities are also thinking to provide extra relief for patient visa requirements. UAE Government is aiming to acquire international healthcare system while including country’s own healthcare expertise to develop mutual relationship in the field of healthcare.
  • Another remarkable initiative is the construction of new teaching hospital and setting up a medical college project in Dubai Silicon Oasis of total cost of Dh1 billion. It is expected that the 300-bed University Hospital will create at least 4,000 jobs and capable to treat 700,000 patients a year. The project is due to open in 2017.
  • In order to support emerging sector of medical tourism, institutional investors and corporate players are required to make investments in the sector. Recently Dubai hosted the two-day International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC 2014). Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Center was the venue for this conference. The event has played a positive role in fostering city image as a preferred destination for medical travel and tourism. Several industry leaders attended this conference. The conference highlighted the importance of promoting Dubai as a positive healthcare brand. The discussion also revealed the importance of implementing three-segmented approach based on infrastructure, support systems and regulation. According to this approach recruiting skilled healthcare professionals and suitable regulation of labour market will surely enable this city to improve the standards of medical services while executing the demands.
  • In addition to these initiatives, DHA has clearly defined the key healthcare sectors important for medical tourism are dentistry, cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, general medical screenings, and sports medicine. Each of these fields has become very famous these days and it is expected that they will continue to be the most sought after treatments among patients. Having identified the importance of these health sectors, Dubai is showing good progress and quickly moving towards establishing its name as hub of medical facilities in the region. Further launch of an e-portal for Dubai medical tourism is also a smart initiative taken by Dubai Government.