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Top Three Middle East’s Leading Business Destinations

25 Feb

Middle East has simply become extraordinary and rewarding travel and tourism destination as it has revolutionized itself from undeveloped region to modern well developed region. West of Asia and North Eastern Africa are known as Middle East. It is not only a geographical term rather it also has political importance. British Military have created the term of Middle East in 19th century to separate Far East from Europe (the West). Geographically it is very important and it is used as strategic trade route between East and West extremes of the world. Despite of developing basic infrastructure, breathtaking skyscrapers and leisure and entertainment facilities, the region has rich history of diverse civilizations and religions of – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The historic buildings and museums attract tourists across the world to visit. Being the trade route between Europe and Asia has revealed great opportunities for these Middle Eastern countries to become the most desirable business destination.

Establishment of World Travel Awards in 1993 is the great effort made in UK that rewards countries and cities across the globe for Excellency in all sectors of travel and tourism industry. World Trade Awards held every year on international and regional levels both. If you look over the nominations for this award you will find that Middle Eastern countries have been nominating for this award for international and regional categories both. For the year 2012 WTA nominated top cities of Middle Eastern Countries like Abu Dhabi and Dubai from United Arab Emirates, Amman (Jordan), Doha (Qatar), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Muscat (Oman) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). You must have heard huge debate about Dubai that it is the leading trade hub in the region due its tremendous economic growth and geographical location in the midway between the Far East and Europe. Moreover, it is adjacent to Saudi Arabia, just three hours away from India by air, four hours to North Africa and less than six hours from China, eight hours to Hong Kong and just seven hours away from European Cities like London and Frankfurt.  The city has already won WTA for the year 2007.  Abu Dhabi has also ranked on first position in year 2010 for WTA Award as regional Leading Business Travel Destination. This year previous winners of the Middle East region fail to gain first position for this WTA regional category. For the year 2012 Doha the largest city of Qatar become successful winner for WTA.

Middle East’s Leading Business Destinations

Despite of this fact that whole region of Middle East provide trade routes between East and west, they also have the great potential to become business destination as the region’s countries are now showing great progress in almost all business and technology sectors. Few remarkable Middle Eastern Countries that have shown significant progress in business and trade sectors to attract corporate travelers, foreign entrepreneurs and investors to establish their setups. Following are top three Middle East leading business destinations.

  • Doha, Qatar
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

Doha, Qatar

Doha, QatarDoha is the largest and capital city of Qatar. It is one of the modern and rapidly developing cities that have been continuously investing huge money to develop huge property developments and mega infrastructure projects to rebuild its image as premier cities in the Gulf region. Qatar started displaying real progress from 1995 when Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has taken power from his father and started working on programs to modernize country.  The city is known as the city of beautiful resorts and towers, IMF categorized Qatar among the world’s richest per capita nation. Developers have planned several extensive developments to progress this city. Doha Air Port, West Bay and Global Business Center are few famous commercial plazas in city. Foreign entrepreneurs who are willing to do business in Doha can establish their business choosing a suitable business model available for foreigners including joint venture, commercial agency,  branch of a foreign company and branch of a Qatari company.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAEDubai, the second largest emirate of UAE has been continuously showing fast progress in business and finance sectors with aim to reduce its dependability on oil exports only. Developers and investors have successfully reshaped the emirate in to a business, travel and tourism city by developing business centers, worth seeing places and entertainment places. It has also win World Travel Award for year 2007. The cosmopolitan environment of the city welcomes entrepreneurs, holiday makers and tourists. The emirate is capable to provide suitable accommodation for all kind of visitors. It also supports foreign investors, businessmen and foreign organizations to launch their business in the emirate. Commercial centers are well equipped and provide state of the art facilities for all kind of businesses. The state government has also established freezones in specific areas that allow foreigners to do tax free business. Moreover, entrepreneurs can opt for suitable business type available in Dubai, which include public and private share holding companies, joint ventures, limited liability, branch and representative office for local and foreign companies and sole Proprietorships.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAEAbu Dhabi is the capital and largest emirate of UAE producing highest amounts of oil and gas among all seven emirates. State government of this emirate has recognized the importance of other business and trade sectors and now focusing to improve city’s infrastructure and real estate sectors to provide ample space to local and foreign entrepreneurs to establish their offices in the emirate. After hosting of Formula 1 Eithad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix reshape emirate’s image as an ideal sports tourism and business destination in the Middle East. Like other Middle Eastern countries, the city also supports several business models like public joint stock companies, private joint stock firms, limited liabilities, branch and representative offices, professional firms and free zone enterprises. The emirate has also won the World Travel Award for year 2010.

Choosing any of these Middle Eastern countries to establish your business will let you earn good profits, if you have carefully studied about the market and business trends of specific country. You will find that these countries have revised their business policies and welcome foreign entrepreneurs and investors to establish their business outlets in Middle East.