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Dubai a lucrative destination for job seekers

22 Jan

After facing three years of consecutive downfall Dubai started regaining its momentum during the fourth quarter of year 2011 that continues in 2012. Finally in year 2013, emirate completely recovered and almost all sectors started showing best performance. Number of job opportunities evolved and job seekers started consider choosing Dubai as their destination to find job. Especially, skilled professionals can easily get job here. You may find job from managerial level to clerk and labor according to your skill set.

Employment outlook in Dubai

Developers, investors and State government had worked hard in collaboration to recognize as the business and financial hub in the region of Middle East. Their continuous struggle enables Dubai to get it listed among top global destinations for finding better employment. If you survey different business sectors and organizations, you will find that huge percentage of employees belong to different countries across the world. It is difficult for any government to manage employee related issues quickly. Having considered this issue, UAE government have made simple polices to manage employee and employers issues efficiently. Recruitment analysts have predicted that the hub city of GCC countries has strong potential for becoming an attractive destination for talented individuals who are looking to explore good career opportunities.

Why Dubai is a heaven for job seekers?

Zero taxes on income are that have made Dubai a heaven for job seekers. Whereas luxury lifestyle of this emirate equally attracts second home seekers and tourists across the world. Two sectors which have been playing great role in establishing emirate’s image as one of the most sought after destination for finding job and better life style include travel and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) sectors. Recruitment analysts stated that regional recruitment activity has significantly increased. A mix of new job opportunities is now available in almost all major sectors.

Popular careers among job seekers in Dubai

Management careers are on the top among job seekers in Dubai. Other careers which have been listed as the famous careers are nursing, dentistry, airport workers, financial analysts, accountants, auditors and interior designers, administrative careers like supervisors, inspectors and managers. Whereas, UAE recruiters are looking for hiring highly qualified financial analysts, engineers and IT experts to join high profile positions in relevant industry.

If you are planning to find the job in UAE/Dubai then you will feel pleased after knowing this that labor laws are strictly followed across UAE. The country is associated with different international organizations like international labor organization -ILO, Arab labor organization -ALO, and other international mutual organization. The state government does annual assessment review to ensure implementation of labor law across the country. In fact you will find transparency in every sector regarding hiring professionals, human and labor rights.

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Dubai a perfect beach destination for Honeymooners

16 Jan

Despite its excitement, happiness and fun wedding is said to be the most important day for everyone. It’s a common desire of everyone to organize this event beautifully to make it memorable day for whole life. While making arrangements for this special day of your life you will definitely get hitched and essentially need a break to relax with your soul mate. Most of the couples consider taking holiday break and plan a honeymoon trip to create beautiful memories of their married life. Very few people exactly know where they should go to have maximum fun and entertainment. Few couples love the luxury life style whereas others find adventure trips more suitable option to enjoy. Several countries across the world have purposefully constructed luxury hotels and entertainment outlets and adventure spots to execute the needs of holiday makers and tourists.


There are few countries in the world that are capable to provide luxury, fun, entertainment and adventure all along for their visitors. Dubai the second largest emirate of UAE has been world renowned to offer almost everything for its visitors. From world’s luxurious hotels and waterfront resorts to shopping malls and water parks, the emirate has plenty of other options like beaches and deserts. Dubai is world famous for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy your honeymoon trip at a luxurious beach resort then Dubai can be the perfect destination for your honeymoon trip.


Why beaches are considered a romantic spot?

Beaches are considered most romantic place to visit because of their natural beauty and calmness. Visiting and staying in a beach resorts allow newly married couples to enjoy romantic moments away from hustle and bustle of city life in a peaceful and beautiful environment. Lot of sunshine, calm atmosphere, warm breezes and golden sand acted like a magic and couples get indulged in the natural beauty and forgets everything instead of each other. Having considered the interest of honeymooners and holiday makers, almost every holiday destination consider building waterfront resorts and entertainment spots to provide lifestyle facilities for visitors.

Dubai possess everything to become a perfect beach destination

Dubai has become a world famous holiday destination in the region of Middle East. With year round sunshine, soft sandy beaches, luxury water front resorts and tax free shopping have made this city a heaven for holiday makers especially for honeymooners. Dubai developers have invested huge money to manicure these beaches. Despite offering uninterrupted sunshine, Dubai sea shores are perfect for sunbathing and other water based activities like fishing, dhow cruising, sailing, deep sea diving and snorkeling. Other activities you can enjoy at Dubai beaches include kite surfing, seaplane flight and jet skiing. Almost all beaches in the city are equipped with daily life necessities like toilets, showers, changing areas and chalet/shady areas to relax. Those who can’t afford staying in a beachfront resort may spend a day on beach. The beaches are exotic and capable to provide real delight to its visitors. Those who want to explore diverse culture and luxuries of modern life must consider visiting Dubai. Although the emirate has wide range of attractions and entertainment activities to entertain holidaymakers, Dubai beaches are known to provide superb blend of luxury, beauty and rich culture. You will definitely enjoy the hospitality of Arabs while spending your honeymoon trip in Dubai. Jumeirah Beach Hotel, The one and only Royal Mirage, Jumeirah Beach Club Resort & Spa and Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort are the few famous water front resorts and hotels in the city.