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Dubai to become a lucrative global Event destination with E-licensing and ticketing

19 Mar

Offering state of the art amenities and well constructed exhibition sites, Dubai has not only been recognized as the regional event hub of MENASA, rather it going to be listed itself in the list of top international event destination. Having considered the importance of events and exhibition to foster emirate economy, travel and tourism, Vice President of UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai have issued a Decree No.25 of 2013. The Decree is about integrating complete e-licensing and ticketing system for all events in the city. Being nominated for World Leading Destination in World Travel Awards, 2013 and winning bid to host Expo 2020 have doubled the allure of Dubai as lucrative event destination among event organizers. Considering the eagerness of event organizers, State Government has worked with emirate leading bodies like DTCM and its partners Convention and Events Bureau, Dubai Calendar, and Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (formerly known as Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment) to foster event and festivals in the city.

Primary of new Decree No.25

The primary aim behind these efforts is to support and develop, event sector and enable it to contribute at maximum levels to progress tourism and economical conditions in the city. Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing discussed the complete strategy at Host Cities Conference. The new strategy defined that only combined efforts of Government and Private sector will enable to achieve target of becoming global event destination. For practical implementation of online licensing and ticketing system, DTCM will be playing leading role in developing detail procedure of application, processing and licensing for participants willing to take part in an event. A centralized platform will also be included to sell and distribute tickets for all Dubai events.

DTCM work plan

In order to create a smooth online licensing system, DTCM will review current legislation, rule and procedures of licensing and ticketing of events in the city to efficiently formulate the online licensing system. DTCM will coordinate with all concerned government entities and utilize all findings to establish a perfect system. The system will not only benefit event organizers rather it also facilitate responsible government entities to issue permits and licenses more efficiently saving time and reducing errors. The system will have its complete and comprehensive database of all events held in Dubai. The centralized ticketing system will allow summing up event related issues like ticketing, collection of ticketing fee and ticket distribution on single platform. Furthermore, complete information about the event venue and existing ticketing outlets. Support services are also provided for consumer applying to obtain tickets. In addition to serving event participants and visitors, hotels tour operators, travel agents, air lines and other ticket collectors are allowed to subscribe online ticketing system. Such subscribers could play great role to market events while serving as distribution channel for event organizers.

The fully integrated event licensing and ticketing system will simplify the whole process of staging events in Dubai from promotion to selling. With aim to position this emirate as world leading tourism destination and commercial hub, DTCM is planning, supervising and developing strategies to progress tourism and event sector in the city. Their major aim is to increase the awareness of international audience about Dubai as global hub for events, travel and tourism. This will attract more serious investors towards Middle East across the world.


Dubai Tourism Vision for 2020

26 Feb

Being the major contributor in country GDP, tourism has been the major industry in Dubai. Having considered the economic importance of travel and tourism industry, UAE has been trekking hard to gain prominent position on international levels. To some extent the country has achieved this aim that can be seen from significantly risen number of visitors coming every year. Especially Dubai had successfully double the number of travelers from only five million per year to ten million travelers per year during the past eight years.  After becoming the regional travel and tourism hub, emirate is struggling to become global hub for travel and tourism.

In order to achieve this target, State Government is working in collaboration with DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) and developers to provide high end services and excellent accommodation, transportation and lifestyle amenities.  His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has declared the Dubai tourism vision for year 2020. According to that city will work to double the total number of visitors to 20 million per year by 2020. This will eventually increase the percentage of contribution of travel in the economy and GDP.

Essential steps for achieving Dubai Tourism Vision for 2020             

Despite Dubai has boosted up itself magnificently. After completing mega infrastructure, real estate, entertainment and retail projects, the emirate has successfully got itself recognized among the modern and well developed emirates. To attract tourists and holiday makers, State Government worked in collaboration with developers and investors to construct theme parks, shopping malls, entertainment spots, holidaying resorts, hotels and sporting clubs.  Currently the entertainment spots in the city are capable to provide fun and entertainment for all age group from toddlers and teens to young adults and aged tourists.  To further engage visitors, DTCM also paid special attention to held events and festivals to allure holidaymakers and tourists throughout the year.  The city has gained the status of regional event destination with future aim to become the global event destination. The recent winning bid to host an international event of World EXPO 2020 is the part of Emirate strategy to become the global hub of events.

However, nations have to strive hard and display great motivation to achieve such high goals, it is also important to realize importance of goals for whole nation and country economy.Dubai has great potential to achieve such ambitious goals.

DTCM decided to work on three main areas to achieve targets for 2020

DTCM has identified three key areas to work on to further improve travel and tourism in the region.

  • Despite already being the family friendly destination on regional levels, UAE have to work further to improve its status to become the global family destination.  Public sectors are needed to work on projects to add and expand existing attractions, events and experiences to fulfill holidaying needs of families.
  • Secondly, the emirate is required to pay prompt attention to foster emirate image as a global event destination. Having considered the importance of events Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment (DEPE) and DTCM integrated to work together to improve Emirates status as event destination.  DTCM is also working with EXPO 2020 team to encourage Dubai to successfully host the event.
  • Third key factor that is required to be addressed is to enhance city’s image as a business destination. Government has to make flexible business and trade policies to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs. This will greatly improve business tourism in the region.

Being the broad service sector, tourism needs support of other sectors like real estate and retail sectors. Developing new attractions, holiday spots, short stays and shopping outlets help tourism sector to achieve their goals.  Completing new tourism projects will efficiently enable this city to achieve targets decided in Dubai tourism vision for 2020.

Global Village-Dubai leading cultural attraction

11 Feb

Global Village is recognized as the largest cultural attraction in the region that has the capability to attract tourists across the world. The event is being continuously celebrated since 1996. Initially the event was started on Creek Side opposite to Dubai Municipality later it was shifted to Oud Metha Area near Wadi City for 5 years. In year 2005 the setup finally shifted to Dubailand. Spreading over the total area of 17,200,000 sq ft, the event destination is now capable to provide entertainment, dining and shopping opportunities for whole family. Entertainment activities comprise of funfairs, theme parks, street shows, fire show, dance performances, food court and shopping stalls.

Global Village-2013-2014

Despite offering traditional fun, entertainment, shopping and leisure activities, new activities and attractions have been introduced every year to entertain every visitor, whether they have previously visited the event or its first time they are visiting first time. Further, new countries are also always hailed to participate in the event For year 2013-2014 season Germany, Italy and France have joined to participate in the event fist time. Since its beginning in 1996, the event has observed significant rises in the total number of visitors and number of countries participated in the event.

Entertainment at Global Village

Major entertainment activities visitors can enjoy at the event include pavilion shows, global village shows, shopping and food. This year new activities have been included to double the fun and entertainment. Based on the concept of island funfair, Fantasy Island is the largest development that has been shaped after considering children and families. Visitors can enjoy around 36 new rides. Mellers Event Group, a UK based firm has got the privilege to introduce this kind of entertainment in UAE. Moreover, circus artistes from China and street performers from UK have become the part of this event. You can also enjoy traditional firework and other colourful cultural programs. Kids will love enjoying entertainment programs like Moshi Monster, Fairy Tales on Ice about Aladdin, Snow White and Pinocchio. Pavilion show is very interesting segment that allows participating countries to showcase their culture and heritage via local dance and music shows in an interesting manner which let visitors to explore country’s traditions. These shows have been repeated several times in a day on different timings. Additionally, visitors could not ignore the purposefully designed entrance gates of Dubai Global Village, which are efficiently reflecting the rich culture and heritage of the Egypt and UK.

Dining and Shopping at Global Village

With more than 25 restaurants, the destination is capable to offer real treat for its visitors. Delicious food recipes across the world have been served in food court at Global Village Dubai. The newly created “Thai Food Court” proffer comfortable dining area for visitors. Previously food had been served in pavilions and area restaurants located around. Visitors can help eating yummy dishes like Turkish Baked Potato, Thai fruits, Karak Chai, Mexican Shawarma, Gozleme, Dutch Mini-pancake. Other than this, Pad Thai Noodles and Green Curry are the specialties of Thai Food Court. Despite eating world cuisines at one place, visitors get a chance to shop anything across the world at one place. They can buy what they like while visiting pavilion section of different countries, who have been participating in the event. You can find almost everything from spices, perfumes, fabrics, jewelry, handcrafts, home accessories, clothing and complete fashion accessories from countries like Yemen, Spain, India and Turkey.

In short, Global Village Dubai has been playing major role to boost up tourism in Dubai since its inception. It has become the largest cultural extravaganza in the region. After observing the interest of participating countries and international visitors, the event has been recognized as an international event.

Dubai an Emerging Destinations in International Incentive Travel Market

4 Feb


Being recognized as business and trade hub in the region of Middle East, Dubai has also earned the status of world’s most exotic travel destination of Arabian Gulf region. Cosmopolitan environment, western life style amenities and traditions of east are making Dubai very captivating among travelers, second home seekers and business travelers.  Perfect location at the cross-roads of Asia, Europe and Africa enable this Emirate to execute the role inter-continental transit center.  The city is well connected with major countries across the globe; more than 135 air lines have been operated from the city and connect Dubai with 210 destinations across the globe.  Furthermore, direct flights to major cities like European capitals, New York, Houston, Atlanta and Toronto have made this Emirate a perfect meeting point.

Why Dubai is the perfect travel destination?


Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce has been taking every possible step to make it a dream destination for everyone. Governmental authorities, developers and investors have been collectively making efforts to equip this city with ultra modern infrastructure, technical facilities and luxury real estate developments in residential, commercial and retail sectors to improve standard of living. Their aim is to transform Dubai’s image beyond the business and trade hub.  The negligible crime rate, stable political conditions and progressing economy have made this city a perfect destination for business travelers, tourists and holiday makers.  To meet the diverse needs of its travelers, city has everything from luxury accommodation, dynamic business facilities and modern shopping and entertainment facilities. What makes Dubai unique is its innate love to its history. Despite acquiring modern lifestyle and latest trends in construction, Emiratis did not destroy their heritage. Visitors can easily find traditional wind tower houses and old souks along with super tall sky scrapers, five star hotels and luxury shopping malls, and rolling sand dunes with championship grass golf courses.


Dubai as an emerging Incentive travel destination

Incentive travel is a holiday trip paid by company. Organizations have been arranging such trips to compensate their employees by sending them to an unforgettable trip.  The primary aim behind such trips is to encourage employees on achieving targets and company goals and to further boost up their energy.  The best thing about incentive travel is that it’s a pleasant surprise for the employees as everything from travel expenses to the destination is decided by the company. In order to double the pleasure and joy, companies always prefer choosing unique destinations for incentive travels.  It has been observed that mostly modern cities are most preferred incentive travel destinations.

Dubai has already got itself recognized as holiday destination. During the recent years Dubai has established its image as an emerging destination in incentive travel market. From location and accommodation to holiday and shopping treats, city possess everything to Dubai is capable to smartly fit in to the profile of incentive travel destination.  As the city offers number of exotic indoor and outdoor entertainment activities, with professional tour management services and quality short stay accommodation for tourists. Comforts of Western world and Arab adventures are the things what Dubai has to offer for holiday makers.  Dubai has not limited itself to be business destination only rather it has expanded its vision to be an enchanting holiday spot for everyone. The white sandy beaches, year round sunshine, great historic sites, lavishing shopping malls, breath taking adventure trips and lush green golf courses mesmerize visitors. Whereas friendly people always give a warm welcome to their guests.


Having considered the excitement, entertainment and thrill Dubai has to offer for tourists, most of the European, Asian and even Middle Eastern countries consider choosing Dubai for incentive travel trips. Dubai is no more remain popular for real estate developments only rather it has boosted itself to be the most modern destination for travel and international events. Recently the successful bid to host the EXPO 2020 has enormously boosted up Dubai‘s status on international level. It could be the best choice for those organizations that are looking for a perfect incentive travel destination at reasonable expenses.