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Dubai Business and Luxury Lifestyle- fascinating expats than ever before

30 Apr

Year round sunshine, strong economical and political conditions have made Middle East a perfect place to relocate among Western expats. Especially, United Arab Emirates is on the top in the list of second home seekers belong to European countries. The wise leadership, high standard of living, world class retail and shopping facilities, smooth logistics and state of the art infrastructure facilities are captivating everyone across the world, who wants to improve his standard of living. Among all seven UAE Emirates, Dubai is recognized as the business and lifestyle hub of UAE and Middle East.

What are the things transformed Dubai in to hub city?


Transformed from a local trading community, Dubai has become the third largest export hub with fourth largest airport in the world. Further the luxury lifestyle and retail choices are not only tempting for people as well as for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the pro-business government policies, connectivity, strong logistic infrastructure, sound reputation of information and communication technology and leisure and entertainment are the other factors dragging everyone towards this city.

What Dubai has to offer for expats?

Being the most popular Middle Eastern city, Dubai has everything from abundance of job and investment opportunities, tax free style to luxury accommodation options for everyone living and working here. However, the emirate has already been the lifestyle and business hot spot in the region. But after winning to be the host for an international event of EXPO 2020, business scene has become more alluring among opportunity seekers. Foreign entrepreneurs who are willing to expand their business and investment profile started showing more interest to establish their business in Dubai.


Factors making Dubai fascinating

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Monetary Gains are the major offerings by Dubai, which are dragging more and more expats towards this city. Skilled professionals and industrialists are always showing great interest to flourish their career and businesses. Tax free earnings significantly increase the chances of earning handsome money even more than their native country. Besides this, bright career and promotion chances are always open for deserving candidates. What expats can enjoy working, investing and living in the city are higher salaries, lucrative pension schemes, considerable low interest rates on business credit cards and current accounts. Further it’s up to you how much you can save from your earnings.


Cosmopolitan Environment is another plus supporting expats living in Dubai. The emirate possess a unique mix of population with 80 % expats and 20% native Emiratis. If you know the Arabic it is well and good but English is spoken everywhere all over the emirate. There are no discriminations observed on the basis of race, religion and language. Skilled and qualified individuals are always welcome in every field.




Luxury Lifestyle facilities in residential and business sectors is enchanting everyone across the world even royals andinternational celebrities are feeling great buying residential properties in Dubai, whereas they also endorse commercial and leisure projects with their names. Moreover, wealthy individuals from Western countries showed strong interest in buying holiday homes in the city.



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Being the Host for Expo 2020 played a major role in enhancing the city image as the land of opportunities. Soon after winning the bid to host this international event, drastic boost is observed in tourism and hospitality sector. A huge number of jobs are expected to be created in travel, real estate, infrastructure and construction industries. According to estimates 277,000 jobs are created to cater the needs of visitors likely to visit Dubai during the event. This means job market is open and very favourable for skilled expats across the globe.



Despite fascinating expat workers, investors and businessmen, one has to carefully think about the cost of living in Dubai, which is tending to be high. But with proper financial planning it’s possible to combat and avoid financial crisis while living in the glitzy UAE city.